[Project Silence signs record deal with Sliptrick Records - 24.01.2016]
Ok guys, here are the news we have waited for a long time to be able to release so here it is:

Industrial metal band Project Silence has signed with an american label Sliptrick Records. Label will release bands upcoming second album 'Slave To The Machine' worldwide in 2016. More info about the album and other news later!

A big thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years!

Cheers from all the members of Project Silence!
[Infection on Spotify, iTunes etc. - 15.01.2016]
Infection is available at:

[New year - 01.01.2016]
Hello 2016!

Today 8 years ago Project Silence was officially born and it has been a damn crazy journey and it's getting even more crazier! Last year we released two new singles from our upcoming album, we think these two song represent our upcoming music really well and we decided release them for free, we hope you guys enjoy those as much as we do. But anyway, once again we would like to thank everyone for their support and loyalty!

Thank you!
[Happy Holidays, INFECTION OUT NOW! - 24.12.2015]
Merry Xmas for everybody!
Here's the second single from our upcoming album, check it out!

Download for free: BandCamp

With this single we would like to thank all of you who have supported and helped us along the way, fans, friends and family! It has been a great journey and big things are happening behind the scenes, positive and great things, but more about those in 2016!

Thank you everyone. Get Infected!

-Project Silence
[Flesh Of The God OUT NOW! - 06.06.2015]
New single out now!
Download: BandCamp
Listen: Spotify

[Pre-listen "Flesh Of The God" and interview/review - 02.06.2015]
You can now pre-listen our new single "Flesh Of The God" from Kaaoszine.fi:
Pre-listen the single

Also the first interview/review is out, check it out!
Read Interview/Review
[Seven years of madness" - 01.01.2015]
7 years ago today, Project Silence was officially formed and first song "Pressure__Revolution (Perverted remix)" was released in Myspace and as the year went on, we released about dozen demos and in end of the year we had over 80 000 plays in myspace. That was great success for us.

It has been a long journey from there to here. We have had great shows (We even had a chance to play in Kuopio Rockcock, which was awesome!) and we met great bands and people along the way. We released our debut album and finally this year we will start to record our second and we are really excited about it. We want to thank all of you who have supported us along the way, Thank you, you are awesome!
[Free single "One Way To Hell" - 13.12.2014]
We wanted to give you guys something nice for X-mas and because today is the one year anniversary for our single "One Way To Hell", therefore we will make it free to download in our Bandcamp page, you can still support us and pay whatever you want and every cent from that goes to recordings and production of our next album, which we will start to record early in next year.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all of our fans, friends, families and listeners for their support and help over the years, thank you!

Download OWTH from Bandcamp
[Studio 2015 - 25.09.2014]
Hello everyone!

We wanted to inform you that Delacroix is writing a lot of new material and basically demo versions are ready to roll, also at the moment we are rehearsing new songs at our "SILENCE" bunker to get the new songs in shape for the studio.

We are hoping to enter the studio in 2015 and maybe release something along the way.
[New live teaser - 19.05.2014]
Here is live teaser from our training session. New music is on the way and here's a short glimpse of the upcoming music:

[Upcoming shows - 29.04.2014]
We will perform at Kuopio Rockcock this summer! See you there!

Some confirmed shows:

26.7. Kuopio RockCock, Kuopio
01.8. Henry's Pub, Kuopio
[New interview - 05.03.2014]
Project Silence talks about their genre and new music, check it out HERE!

[Happy New Year! - 01.01.2014]

BUY: BandCamp
LISTEN: Spotify

[One Way To Hell" OUT NOW! - 13.12.2013]
New single out now!
BUY: BandCamp, iTunes
Listen: Spotify

Listen songs here:

[One Way To Hell - 09.12.2013]
You can now pre-order our new digital single "One Way To Hell"
BandCamp - One Way To Hell

We have special discount for those who pre-order, type in the code "projectdiscount" when checking out to redeem your 45% discount!

You can pre-listen samples here:
[The Month's Best Unsigned Metal Bands - 24.09.2013]
Project Silence was selected for September's Drago's Dungeon article, where they promote the best unsigned bands around the globe, check this great review here:

Drago's Dungeon: The Month's Best Unsigned Metal Bands
[Upcoming shows - 25.05.2013]
Some confirmed shows:

24.7. Henry's Pub, Kuopio
26.7. Corona Music Bar Café, Pieksämäki
3.8. Bar Loose, Helsinki
13.12. Kulttuuriareena 44, Kuopio
[Happy new year! - 04.01.2013]
Here is remix of “Keeper”. Enjoy!

We would like to thank you all for the support and help we have received over the years!
Let's see what 2013 brings!

-Project Silence-
[Album - 03.11.2012]

[This is Halloween - 31.10.2012]

Here you can listen new version of "Stardancer (Raven's whore)"!

[Album teaser - 23.10.2012]
Album teaser now online!

[Event + live photos - 02.10.2012]
Upcoming show 03.11.2012 @ Henry's Pub, Kuopio, Finland
w/KYPCK, Iiwanajulma and ThE Physicists
Tickets 10€

Event @ Facebook

Added some live photos from On the rocks. TO GALLERY
[Event - 23.08.2012]
Upcoming show 21.09.2012 @ On the Rocks, Helsinki, Finland
w/Cold Cold Ground and Omniversum
Tickets 5€

Event @ Facebook
[Studio Update - 13.06.2012]
Mr. Sanderz has recovered and we are ready to hit the Astral Studio at June 28 to record album with Leo Melin.



1. 424
2. Pressure__Revolution
3. My Reality
4. Stardancer (Raven's whore)
5. Keeper
6. Sky, Space and Twilight Zone
7. Alone (Crushed by Your Lies)
9. Cage of Hate
10. Everything
11. Promise
[New member - 09.03.2012]
Project Silence is proud to announce our new member, bass player Sturmpanzerjäger.
We feel with the addition of Sturmpanzerjäger, all the puzzle pieces are in place.

First show with him will be @ Henry's pub 24.03, so be there!
[Event - 24.02.2012]
Upcoming show 24.03.2012 @ Henry's Pub, Kuopio, Finland
w/Verjnuarmu and Fear Of Domination
Tickets 10€

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Myspace

More information @ Klubitus.org
[Update - 11.02.2012]
We are sad to inform, that studio is delayed because unfortuned events. Our lead guitarist Mr. Sanderz broke his finger and can't use it in 6 weeks, but in March or April we are ready to hit the studio and record at Astral Studio. After we record songs we will release couple digital singles and Album called "424" (hopefully) later this year.

Thank you all so very much for all the love and support we have received from you during all this time. You rock! -Project Silence
We have great news and we are really excited to share this! We will hit the Astral Studio (Tampere, FIN) at February to record Album with Leo Melin .

Additional info will be revealed later in February, so keep in touch!
"Stardancer(Raven's whore)" reviewed on METAL MASTER KINGDOM.

Read the review HERE!
[New website - 22.10.2011]
We launched a new version of our website, so hope you guys will enjoy it!
[Photos - 16.08.2011]
Added some live photos from Bar Bäkkäri. TO GALLERY
[Event - 11.05.2011]
Upcoming show 12.08.2011 FINDUSTRY 2011 @ Bar Bäkkäri, Green Room, Helsinki, Finland
w/The Physicists, Iiwanajulma ja ErilaZ
Tickets 5€ (includes one beer before 24.00)

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Myspace

More information @ Klubitus.org
We added some new links to sidebar and fixed little things. You can now download Castlevania II - Bloody Tears remix, Stardancer (Raven's whore) and 424 from our download page.

We have updated our IRC-gallery profile and now you can read some latest news straight from there. You can Like us at Facebook too and read news, updates and so on.

Check Japanese review about band HERE. (Finnish only)
New contact number is: +358(0)449134936
Late Merry X-mas to everyone and really happy new year!

We have Christmas present for you, instrumental song called "VOICES".