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暗黒電撃音楽日記 ~My Favorite Bloody Music~

Jay's Music Mania

“As a huge fan of both industrial and heavy metal, Project Silence is exactly what I'm looking for in music...the guitar work is excellent and there are great solos usually at the end of the songs. The drums are fast and powerful and blast beats are used quite frequently. The vocals are a point of interest since the growled vocals are essentially great here. You can hear so much versatility that you will not get bored...Overall, this album is one of the best albums for the year 2012.” DiSoRdErBitcH - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

“...Catchy but powerful... great heavy solos...Sky, Space and Twilight Zone is yet another remarkable number. Actually it is an instrumental happy hardcore song but with irregular beats. Next aggressive track BEAST where incisive guitar work merges with cyber effects and quite brutal grunt vocals..” Bart Alfvoet - Zware Metalen

"It is an excellent release which impresses from start to finish whilst breeding an even more powerful promise and anticipation of the band in the future..." RingMaster - The Ring Master Review

“...the programming on tracks such as Stardancer (Raven’s Whore) transforms the song into something between a dance track and a metal song that you can head-bang to...” Iza Raittila - Valkyrian Music

"...Pressure Revolution’ lays into the listener. With a thumping riff lead by keyboards as much as guitars, Delacroix (the singer) screams and crackles over a loud hailer like Trent Reznor might. Fifteen years ago..." Graeme Benge - Punk Prospect

“...Sometimes it tends to Aggrotech, think Hocico, and then the band goes more to typical Industrial Metal. Maybe Deathstars in there, however the band still keeps a bit of a different approach. Then can bring you a track to dance to in a club but then you are listening to a track which includes a guitar solo that you like to give your fullest attention...The sound of Delacroix has something recognizable that comes forward everywhere...individual tracks can present you good moments. “Everything” for example. A strong track that has character, but also “My Reality” which is instrumentally the strongest track on this release perhaps...” Sabine van Gameren - Tempelores

“...It’s like a great horror movie. It begins with a light electronic melody, like you’re traipsing through the woods. There’s a crescendo of background keyboards, a few taps on a drum and then suddenly the “monster” appears! With a growling, howling vocal and guitars, drums and keyboards...Then the listener is taken for an awesome ride!” Bob - Metal Master Kingdom

“...the power metal style solo on 'My Reality', played over euphoric dance sounds, is just awesome...'My Reality' is actually a great song...very nice atmospheric opening and black metal vocals tramp into a beat reminiscent of ...And Oceans or latter day Aborym - but it goes off into power metal solos as mentioned above and all sorts of other stuff. Same with 'Alone' - amazing atmospheres and progressions at times...these guys are simply using industrial metal as a base to explore various sounds...” Jonslaughter - The Heavy Metal Saloon

”...It's really hard to choose just one song to mention as the best one, but "My Reality" could be my favorite. It has this ambient-like theme, but it has a lot of The Kovenant-like parts. It is an amazing song that really shows all the elements they are using now and it is a perfect song...” NucleosIs - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

”...Project Silence's outwardly charismatic vocalist Delacroix, have created style with trance and mixture of a certain orientation alternative / experimental metal, which combines a combination of screamo, heavy guitar riffs, melodic keyboards and eccentric lyrics...” Jei-Grace (Украина. Днепропетровск) - goths.ru

“Project Silence is the sound! Radically rapid music hits listeners ears and stimulates body and mind. Absolutely best new age industrial metal band." ” dark blitz - 暗黒電撃音楽日記 ~My Favorite Bloody Music~

“You have to listen it more than once, their music is pure pleasure” Jay's music mania

“...had to tell you that your music is really good!” Mikhail Mista GR - www.radioultra.ru

"Played,Teased & Pleased Me, with A Great Twist On The Vocals Used. This was brilliant compelling, really dynamite, death, metal, trance, dance, techno album that filled your mind with amazing demonic, devilish vocals that played and danced inside your mind to techno, trance, dance music that stimulated both your mind and body to the max. On this creative, stylish, clever soundscapes of awesome scales.” musictomyears - Jamendo.com